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Do Hair Extensions fall out

Do Hair Extensions fall out?

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Do hair extensions fall out?   We get asked this on occasion.   Hair Extensions will only fall out for two reasons:   1. They were installed incorrectly 2. They are of poor quality.   Over time your hair will grow out and some might become loose.   You should ...

Does Microneedling Damage Skin?

Does Microneedling damage skin?   That's a question we get asked all the time.   Microneedling also known as Mesotherapy is not damaging for your skin. It is a firming treatment, which can improve the collagen production in your tissue.   Thank you for your question.   Olena ...
Can a waist trainer reduce inches

Can a waist trainer reduce inches?

Can a waist trainer reduce inches?   Waist trainers are an absolute phenomenon in the beauty industry today.   Waist trainers not only help to reduce inches in your waistline, but they also help to straighten your posture.   It is a fact, that a straight ...
Hair extensions before and after

Hair extensions before and after

Hair Extension Angels provide the best before and after photos, which is included in the installation of the hair, that way, our clients can really see the dramatic change that we can achieve with their look. Even if you are not looking for length, just for the ...