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How much does it cost to put in my hair extensions?

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       It really depends on the Salon and the quality of hair. Since we only use the best quality of hair extensions and provide experienced, well trained specialists - we can only compare our prices from medium high end Salons. Salon installation costs including hair extensions range anywhere from $800-$1500 and in some cases even more.  Our prices including hair extensions start at $399 and up, based on how much hair is needed.
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When people ask me how much does it cost to put in my hair extensions, sometimes they ask because they have purchased their hair elsewhere, thinking they were able to get the extensions cheap. This is exactly what ends up turning out, cheap! The hair doesn't last very long (1-2 months at the most), breaks off very quickly and could damage your hair if not installed correctly.

We offer many different colours and two levels of quality, great quality and exceptional quality. Our extensions are never cheap and always 100% human hair, not synthetic. Cheap hair extensions will end up costing more as you will need to replace them frequently.