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What kind of hair extensions should I use for fine hair?

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What kind of hair extensions should I use for fine hair?
Below is a Question We Received from a Client about Hair Extensions for Fine Hair. 
I was wondering what are the best type of hair extensions for fine hair.  I recently had an operation and the medication used caused my hair to thin out.
I'm hoping one of the types of hair extensions you install will make my fine hair look fuller and less scalp showing.
Thank you.


By Hair Extension Angels
Thank you for your question,

All types of hair extensions will increase the density (fullness) of your hair. However, we would recommend hot fusion hair extensions, as they will bond to the actual hair, increasing the fullness and overall look of your hair. After installation, your hair will look and feel fuller, have more body and appear as though you never lost or had thinning hair.

I hope your recovery goes well and looking forward to answering any further questions you may have.

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Much love,

Your hair extension Angel 0:-)