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How To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer?

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How To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer?
To make hair extensions last longer, it depends on a few things:
1. The quality of the Keratin bond (the better quality of the hair extension, the better quality of the keratin bond).  For people that don't know what Keratin is - it's a protein that is found in the human body of which, nails and hair are made up of. It's also called a Keratin adhesive or bond that comes attached to the hair extension and attaches to your hair during installation.
2. Home care of your extensions is extremely important. Using proper products regularly that are specially formulated to moisten the hair, keep it hydrated and nourished will assist in keeping your hair extensions lasting longer.
3. Avoid pulling on your hair extensions while wet and keeping an eye on the condition of the hair bond is highly recommended.
4. Occasional visits to your hair extension specialist are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks to make sure your hair stays positioned properly, maintained by a professional which will keep them looking healthy, full and will keep your hair extensions lasting longer.
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