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Welcome to the Hair Extension Angels F.A.Q Page!   Here you will find the most commonly asked questions regarding hair extensions, products and hair care.   If you don't find an answer to a question you have, feel free to contact the Hair Extension Angels ...
How to Install clip in Hair Extensions

How to Install clip in Hair Extensions

How to Install clip in Hair Extensions?   It may be a lot easier than you think. With any purchase of clip in Hair Extensions, we provide a free consult with you, showing you how to attach the hair clips properly and safely to your hair. There is a special way of installing ...

What is Bio Seaweed Gel?

What is Bio Seaweed gel? Bio Seaweed gel is a professional nail product. It comes from Canada. Hair Extension Angels and Spa provide Bio Seaweed gel nail overlays, which helps to strengthen the nails and prevent future breakage.
Do Hair Extensions fall out

Do Hair Extensions fall out?

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Do hair extensions fall out?   We get asked this on occasion.   Hair Extensions will only fall out for two reasons:   1. They were installed incorrectly 2. They are of poor quality.   Over time your hair will grow out and some might become loose.   You should ...